Bus Route

  Most of the time, women just may have a conscious about the ‘shyt’ they pull off; but not these types of women, they are incredibly narcissistic, and they crave only a few things; money, attention and sex.  ‘Bus Route’ is such a befitting name, I mean, e’rybody ‘done’ rode her.  Taken all things into perspective to hide the identities of PUTA’s, may I pleasure you with one woman’s story and her claim to NO shame.  You may think BUS ROUTE women adorn nothing but the negligee she plans to take off for you, but that’s not true at all.  After all, being a narcissist comes with class! Let’s take Dawn, she gave herself that name, because she likes to fuck till the rising of the sun, she snorts massive amounts of cocaine and prides herself in being able to handle double penetration.  She claims there’s no way to reach an orgasm, other than to have her soldiers marching to the beat of her strumming with ecstasy from massive amounts vaginal and anal percussion.  By the way, Dawn is a college educated woman with class, but during business hours only.  She has a great job, works very hard and she earns a great salary.  She has NO children, she’s baggage-free, and she’s in total control of her own life. She’s very attractive, very intelligent, very personable, articulate, well versed and seems very interested in everybody and everything……..But yet she’s SINGLE!  She loves her double life, and actually maintains defense in protecting it from criticizers. In speaking with her – she is free from the bondage of guilt about what pleasures her the most; her admittance to taking lunch breaks, and using a vibrator, while on it, until she can get to somebody’s husband, boyfriend or just who she plans to screw that night, makes her feel victorious.  Hey, if you think BUS ROUTE women feel one ounce of conviction, you’re in for a rude awakening.  They have no feelings, their flesh is wide awake, while their soul is down by the river, to them, it’s just business, and fulfilling a monster sexual appetite.  They see it as their prerogative, and they could care less what you think. Let’s dig a little deeper to get to the root cause of this – Ready?  See, BUS ROUTE women had no internal desire to become this way, well some, while others are just PUTA’s cause they want to be – it happened over time.  First, they held special prayer vigils, fasted and begged to just simply see a heterosexual black man at church.  Occasionally, the experience was having some quality brotha’s attending church functions, political rallies, or participating in other community functions, but when it’s time to go home, those quality brotha’s all go home to someone else. After asking over and over again, “What’s wrong with black men?” It never ever dawned on many of these women to ask themselves….”What’s wrong with black women?” We just went into labor because a brand new epiphany is about to be born! The labor wasn’t the normal kind either, it took years to birth. What I have found out and what many of today’s black women have yet to discover, is this….Ahhh….the anticipated arrival is finally here – EPIPHANY meet the world – World meet EPIPHANY, here she is!  “THE SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS THAT MAKE A WOMAN VERY SUCCESSFUL IN THE WORKPLACE, IN THE CHURCH AND IN THE COMMUNITY ARE NOT THE SAME SKILLS REQUIRED TO MAKE A WOMAN VERY SUCCESSFUL IN RELATIONSHIPS OR MARRIAGE!” See, successful black women can be something else!…and it ain’t good either! Oops….wait, didn’t know it was twins, the doctor said it was a single birth!  EPIPHANY has a sibling…her birth came 3 minutes later.  Her name is EYE-OPENER!  Welcome her intro to the world, she came with a great cause and it was to tell you this: “LADIES, PLEASE UNDERSTAND….HIGHER EDUCATION OR A GREAT PAYING JOB “DOES NOT” ENTITLE YOU TO A GOOD MAN, NOR DOES IT ENTITLE YOU TO A “PERFECT” RELATIONSHIP!” BUT THAT INFLATED EGO THINKS IT DOES!  What else is wrong with BUS ROUTE women – some, not all…well, the saddest thing regarding many black women today is that many of them have been mentally conditioned by feminism and mainstream society to embrace a very destructive, anti-manattitude.  I DON’T NEED A MAN! By that I mean feminism has taught most of them that in order to be “PRO-WOMAN” they have to become “ANTI-MAN”.  So, when they do desire a man, it’s just to grind, get money and keep it moving.  The divorce came long before the marriage, they de-cluttered their lives by mastering a self made anesthetic – they feel nothing!  They can never overdose, and have full authority over the massive amounts of destruction it may cause, destruction simply doesn’t exist . Feminism has also mentally conditioned multitudes of women today that a woman (namely a self-sufficient, professional woman) is weak, oppressed and very passive to a man especially if she makes a conscious decision to take good care of him in the more  traditional ways that most women were taught to by their (traditional) mothers, grandmothers and or aunts in the past.  In other words, professional or career-oriented women today who strongly desire to learn how to cook for their husbands and who strongly desire to take very good care of his home as well as his children in more traditional ways are frowned upon, and in many cases scorned by today’s contemporary feminist women.  In addition to this, women accommodate the limitless requests of men.  Having more than one woman is now acceptable, making it almost impossible for the opposite types of women to find good men.  Dealing with a vast majority of men who live this way, well, women will have to sacrifice being right in order to be loved. So…what have you learned?  Are you STILL shaking your head, wandering how she got this way?  I mean, she was once a ‘good-girl” and you have never been able to place your finger on her transition; I bet you know now! One last point that must be shared; men, you are so quick to call BUS ROUTE women whores?  Why?  What does this make you after the sexual plight? Innocent! We live in a world of many double standards between the two sexes, some of which make sense and can be defended, while the others are just plain idiotic.  Men are players, women are being “nice” in double standard affairs.  Flirting can be a really entertaining way of procuring a phone number or the name of a pretty woman across the way. Done right, this little game demonstrates that you’re a smooth, debonair guy. Correct?  You walk back to the bruh’s bragging, and inflating your adventure. In most situations, however, men who flirt with a few women at a nightclub or even in the office are seen as having intentions that go beyond being friendly. Eventually, many people would say, the man wants to get into that lady’s pants. The generalization is made that the man who flirts undoubtedly has a hidden agenda.  Women who react to a man’s advances or who start conversations and innocently tease men are not viewed in the same light.  In fact, most of the time, a woman would defend herself by saying that she was “simply being nice” to the guy next to her at the bar. Often, it is men who are viewed as having ulterior motives.  Yeah, yeah, women are victims too…to be continued! r.



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