Patrick A. Sellers is the Publisher and Chief Executive Officer of The Populace Now Magazine.

 Through his efforts, The Populace Now Magazine (The Power of Everyday People), has evolved from a small community-focused newsletter into a nationally recognized on-line publication. From 2002 till the present, Mr. Sellers has served on many different Boards and has used his marketing experience to open channels for future ventures.

 By continuing to build customer loyalty and focusing on the end product, Mr. Sellers has increased the readership base of The Populace Now from 400 to 23,000 in one year’s time–an increase of 5,650%. The publication is now reaching 600,000 people, with readers and visitors from 1,206 cities and 81 countries worldwide.

Mr. Sellers earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Columbia College of Missouri and is a member of Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honors Fraternity.

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