Roshonda’s Bio

        Roshanda  Autrey grew up in Alabama, whereas she attended Alabama A&M University, studying Telecommunications. She set-out to be a news anchor, but that soon changed, because of her natural ability to write and connect with people because of her personality.  To date, Roshanda is a highly recognized educator, writer and make-up artist  Her clientele includes entertainers, politicians, media executives, any simply her students.  In September 2009, she won the prestigious Teachers Class Act Award from 11 ALIVE News in Atlanta, Georgia; she was the only Educator in the DeKalb County School System to receive the award that year.

          Her passion for education, writing as well the beauty industry began as a teen whereas she modeled for several different agencies and then began to gain interest in assisting with the task of “stage” work; performing professional makeup artistry, writing and directing the entertainment shows, as well as, instructing participants and writing the opening dialogues for many professional events.  Roshanda has volunteered for many years, gaining transferable professional skills by managing events, hiring employees and being elected into leadership roles due to her natural talents. She traveled country with Florence McGhee who is well known for her modeling agency and professional beauty products. Roshanda served as Mrs. McGhee’s personal assistant for many years, writing and directing shows.  She has received many awards for her work. During this time, Roshanda met Educators in various disciplines; they took aim of her natural talent to inspire young people and encouraged her to become a teacher.  She’s been involved in many exciting things; such as training to become a Georgia State Representative, under the eye of former State Representative, Teresa Greene-Johnson. She has worked on several state and local campaigns for various levels of government in Alabama and Georgia.

        Roshanda worked for the Georgia Conservancy in the early 1990’s, whereas her care for the environment was expanded. During her employment there she had the pleasure to assist in writing the opening speech for John F. Kennedy Jr., who spoke at Georgia Tech about water conservation and global warming. Roshanda credits her father for sharing her care for the environment, because he was a water pollution control engineer for NASA. Formerly, she’s written for BLEST magazine and interviewed some of Atlanta’s most highly recognized VIP’s. Due to her wealth of experience in working in education and writing, she gives back to her students by involving them in many of the events that she supervises.

        Roshanda  has traveled  around the country to participate in well-known local and nation-wide shows/events and she continues to invest in her career by participating as an Honorary Event Manager with Gemstone Management and Consulting Agency, whereas she is solely responsible for job placement at several of Atlanta’s VIP events, such as The My Black is Beautiful Tour, Pantene Tour, Ebony Magazines’ Sister Speak Out Luncheon, Ebony Magazines’ Pamper ‘ME’ Tour and the Taste of Atlanta to name a few. Roshanda admits that talent in writing is just ‘natural’, it’s her gift and she is ready to expand it.  She resides in Georgia with her two sons, Seth and Treiton.


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