With new competitors entering your market every day; combined with the various intricacies of globalization, companies are finding it more difficult to maintain their competitive edge.  Hello, my name is Patrick A. Sellers Founder/Publisher of the Populace Now, an on-line publication. Our site is:  And I would like to offer your company an opportunity to reach new customers worldwide.

     Our online publication, The Populace Now Magazine, reaches 600,000 people worldwide. We target the 18-44 market which is worth more than 700 billion in the US alone! We are  providing companies like yours access to this and other diverse global markets. 

     We have advertising space available on our website, which is viewed in 81 different countries and 1,206 cities worldwide; this will prove to be very beneficial to your company and its products. Every business desires to extend its products into more lucrative markets. The Populace Now publication knows this all too well and we’ve found a way to reach more people than many other online publications.

If you are interested in taking your business to a higher level, please submit your information below.   

With Success In Mind,

Patrick Sellers – CEO, Sellers Media Group & Publisher for The Populace Now



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