The Birth of a New Nation/The Pink Elephant In The Room

Pink Elephant

Trevon Martin, Mike Brown tragedies and other “known” incidents have brought me to highlight some trends that are resurfacing and are causing even the most conservative blacks to be alarmed.

There’s also argument over black on black crime and why it is not a centralized issue. Consequently, many are sold on a premise that the residents in Ferguson Missouri do not vote and the issue of police brutality could have been prevented if uneducated black residents would have voted.

Radicals propose the question, “If young black males are an Endangered Species, what does voting have to do with it?”

Many conversations linger around the surface issue of police brutality and black on black crime or even black on white crime but don’t get to the root of the issues that we face. One root issue is economics.

In economics we learn that the economic cycle purposely exist for many reasons. During the economic crisis in 2006-?, house values fell and property taxes paid to local governments were few and the U.S government cut back on education expenders. How does all of this effect K-12 public schools and local police relations with poor neighborhoods?

When there is an economic disaster (approximately every 40 years) a pecking order goes into full effect here in the United States. Some of us live in a fantasy world until we experience the pecking order ourselves.

Since this economic problem is reoccurring our children and our grandchildren will experience the same plight. A solution for this phenomena is to brace yourself and family when an economic storm is due to fall. For instance, the OPEC crisis occurred in the 1970‘s. That was approximately 40 years ago. Before the OPEC crisis there was the Great Depression 40 years before the OPEC Crisis. The next economic disaster should occur somewhere around the year 2055. Will your Children’s house be paid off? Will your grandchildren’s college tuition be a challenge? Where will your descendants be in the “pecking order” here in the United States of America in the year 2055.

In this so called “pecking” order the education industry and the law enforcement arena gets hit the hardest during economic disasters. In many inner cities and/or poor areas the school system is the biggest employer and the law enforcement industry during economic disasters is the most dangerous. Henceforth, in this pecking order many people who do not have a vested interest work in these inner city schools and/or police departments. This creates a “Grand Crayon” effect in an area where social scientist try to “bridge the gap” between the rich and the poor or between the inner city and suburbs.

Ultimately the state is responsible for education. The federal government helps but in a supportive way via lunch programs and head start programs. In 2007, The New Mexico Sun news started a wild fire when Tilda Sosaya suggested that some our governing states use standardized test scores for projected expenses for prison imamates. With this in mind we can also report according to sources that the City of Detroit, Michigan has a 47 percent illiteracy rate.

The aforementioned is just one example of the many cities and/or communities in the United States that share the same plight. If history repeats itself it may not matter if the uneducated residents of Fugerson Missouri vote or not. It may just matter if the residents of Fugerson Missouri spend their money or not!

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